A missionary is a servant of Christ, called to proclaim the gospel, often across geographical and cultural boundaries  in obedience to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20Luke 24:45-47). The church is entrusted with fulfilling the Great Commission. Through missions, the church participates in God’s plan on a world-wide scale. Thus, global missions should be a priority of every local church. It is a way in which congregations and individuals fulfill the will of God

Pink and Selena Davis (Biblical Ministries Worldwide) – Wellington, New Zealand
Daniel and Nely De La Fuente (Biblical Ministries Worldwide) – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ellie Driesenga (Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission) – Centenario, Brazil
Marco and Elena Luz Garcia (California Church Extension) – Iglesia Biblica de Lincoln
Don and Mary Grable (Biblical Ministries Worldwide) – Retired from Honduras
Jim and Joan Hansen (Biblical Ministries Worldwide) – Deaf and deaf/blind in Los Angeles
Steve and Joyce Louie (Biblical Ministries Worldwide) – Home Office in Atlanta, Georgia
Brent and Susan Myers (Biblical Ministries Worldwide) – Johannesburg, South Africa
Josh and Tiffany Neukam (Biblical Ministries Worldwide) – Far East
Alberto and Paloma Perez (California Church Extension) – Iglesia Biblica Fundamental de la Gracia Fair Oaks
Gustavo and Eva Torres (California Church Extension) – Iglesia Biblical Fundamental del la Gracia Reno
John and Danielle Younkers (UIM International)